Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of Shuttle Cylinder Guide CSI-A418-271 Shuttle Cylinder Guide 7
Picture of Shuttle - Way CSI-A418-076 Shuttle - Way 8
Picture of Shuttle - Way CSI-A418-076 Shuttle -Way 11
Picture of Flat Head Screw B4180394 Flat Head Screw 13
Picture of Cam Follower CSI-P-0000120 Cam Follower 14
Picture of Pad Wear CSI-A418-004 Pad Wear 15
Picture of Shuttle Frame R.S. B4180151A Shuttle Frame R.S. 17
Picture of Shuttle Frame L.S. B4180151B Shuttle Frame L.S. 17a
Picture of Shuttle Axle Spacer B4180149 Shuttle Axle Spacer 28
Picture of Piston Rod Half Coupling CSI-A418-130 Piston Rod Half Coupling 37
Picture of Connecting Link B4180106 Connecting Link 40
Picture of Main Belt Tensioner B4180147 Main Belt Tensioner 44
Picture of Idler Stud Shaft B4180153 Idler Stud Shaft 47
Picture of Shuttle Stud B4180143 Shuttle Stud 52
Picture of Main Belt Tensioner Pulley B4180158 Main Belt Tensioner Pulley 58 & 64
Picture of Main Drive Shaft CSI-A418-156 Main Drive Shaft 67
Picture of Chrome Roll Assembly CSI01316-ASSY Chrome Roll Assembly 68
Picture of Shuttle Roll Assembly B4180195-ASSY Shuttle Roll Assembly 69
Picture of Shuttle Arm B4180107 Shuttle Arm 72