Electrical Parts

A list of the commonly purchased electrical parts used in our Separators

Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of CSI-E-000598 CSI-E-000598 Switch, Limit
Picture of CSI-E-000076 CSI-E-000076 Transformer
Picture of CSI-E-000032 CSI-E-000032 Analog Sensor
Picture of CSI-E-000245 CSI-E-000245 Push-Pull Button 3-Position
Picture of CSI-E-000247 CSI-E-000247 Push-Pull Button 3-Position
Picture of CSI-E-000248 CSI-E-000248 Push-Pull Button 2-Position
Picture of CSI-E-000259 CSI-E-000259 Potentiometer
Picture of CSI-E-000260 CSI-E-000260 Disconnect, handle, rod
Picture of CSI-E-000295 CSI-E-000295 2 Position Switch
Picture of CSI-E-000517 CSI-E-000517 Static P.S
Picture of Static Bars STATIC BARS Static Bars
Picture of CSI-E-000604 CSI-E-000604 Solenoid Valve
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