Pneumatics, Bearings, and Etc

Some of the pneumatics, bearings, and anything else purchased to service our bag machines

Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of Gauge, 0-160 PSI CSI-P-0000235 Gauge, 1.5in Dia., 1/8 NPT, 0-160psi
Picture of Air Filter CSI-P-0000221 Air Filter, 3/8 NPT port
Picture of CSI-P-0000132 CSI-P-0000132 Compression Spring
Picture of Pulley CSI-P-0000245 Pulley, Timing, 1/2" Pitch, 16 Th, 1.0" Wide, JA Bushing
Picture of Rolling Diaphram CSI-P-0000046 Rolling Diaphragm, Air Cylinder, Sz 9 (Dancer)
Picture of Regulator CSI-P-0000060 Regulator, 1/4" NPT, 1/8" Body Size, Internal Check Valve, 7-125 PSI
Picture of Regulator with Bracket & Set Nut CSI-P-0000102 Regulator, with Bracket & Set Nut, 1/4" NPT, 1/8" Body Size, Internal Check Valve, 7-125 PSI
Picture of Ball insert Bearing CSI-P-0000111 Ball insert Bearing
Picture of CSI-P-0000264 CSI-P-0000264 Bearing, Self-Aligning Ball
Picture of CSI-P-0000130 CSI-P-0000130 Nylinger Bearing
Picture of CSI-P-0000353 CSI-P-0000353 Coupling, Large
Picture of CSI-P-0000354 CSI-P-0000354 Coupling, Small
Picture of CSI-P-0000355 CSI-P-0000355 Coupling, Flex Disk Large
Picture of CSI-P-0000356 CSI-P-0000356 Coupling, Flex Disk Small
Picture of Gauge, 0-60 PSI CSI-P-0000234 Gauge, 2in Dia., 1/4 NPT, 0-60psi
Picture of CSI-P-0000115 CSI-P-0000115 Ball Bearing, Nip Roller
Picture of CSI-P-0000260 CSI-P-0000260 Deep Groove Roller Bearing
Picture of CSI-P-0000261 CSI-P-0000261 Deep Groove Roller Bearing
Picture of CSI-P-0000273 CSI-P-0000273 Retaining Ring, Internal, 2-3/8in ID
Picture of CSI-P-0000348 CSI-P-0000348 Retaining Ring, External, HD, 3/4 OD
Picture of CSI-P-0000255 CSI-P-0000255 Ball insert Bearing
Picture of CSI-P-0000042 CSI-P-0000042 Dancer Crash Spring SD
Picture of CSI-P-0000503 CSI-P-0000503 Head Lift Air Cylinder
Picture of 1207-2-050 1207-2-050 Hex Jam Nut, 1/2-20
Picture of 1207-2-125 1207-2-125 Hex Jam Nut, 1-1/4-12
Picture of CSI-P-0000524 CSI-P-0000524 Clear Plastic Flat Washer
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