Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of Plate, Grease Retainer CSI-A100-004 Plate, Grease Retainer 1
Picture of Spool, Shifting CSI-A100-016 Spool, Shifting 3
Picture of CSI-A100-019 CSI-A100-019 Key 4
Picture of Cup, Toggle Spring CSI-A100-021 Cup, Toggle Spring 5
Picture of Pin, Toggle CSI-A100-023 Pin, Toggle 6
Picture of Spindle CSI-B1000097-1 Spindle 7
Picture of Ring Bearing Retainer CSI-B100-015 Ring Bearing Retainer 8
Picture of CSI-B100-022 CSI-B100-022 Shaft, Manual Clutch 9
Picture of CSI-B100-025 CSI-B100-025 Sprocket 10
Picture of CSI-B100-028 CSI-B100-028 Plate 11
Picture of Handle Assembly CSI-C100-020 Handle Assembly 12
Picture of Yoke CSI-B100-026 Yoke 13
Picture of Bracket CSI-D100-017 Bracket 14
Picture of Bearing, Roller, 214-SZZ CSI-P-0000863 Bearing, Roller 15
Picture of Bearing, Roller, 212-SZZ CSI-P-0000866 Bearing, Roller 16
Picture of Retaining Ring, External, 5102-275 CSI-P-0000910 Retaining Ring, External, 5102-275 17
Picture of Retaining Ring, External, 5102-231 CSI-P-0000909 Retaining Ring, External, 5102-231 18
Picture of Retaining Ring, Internal, 5002-433 CSI-P-0000881 Retaining Ring, Internal, 5002-433 19
Picture of Spring CSI-P-0000815 Spring 20
Picture of Collar CSI-P-0000052 Collar 21
Picture of Cam Roll CSI-P-0000872 Cam Roll 22
Picture of Nut, Hex Jam 1202-2-031 Nut, Hex Jam, Zinc 31
Picture of Pin CSI-A100-031 Pin 33