Slit Sealer

GEC 916 Slit Seal Unit

This hot knife Slit Seal Unit utilizes small, heated blades to penetrate and seal plastic film as it is passed over the blade.  It operates with a 120Vac 50/60Hz power, and includes a 6' power cord.

CSI-SS-916 = Old #

Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of Complete Assembly CSI-ASSY-0000144 The complete assembly pre-built 0
Picture of Clamp, Seal Head B10086214-001 Clamp, Seal Head 1
Picture of Clamp, Counterbore B10086214-001A Clamp, Counterbore 2
Picture of Head Mounting Plate C10086215-001 Head Mounting Plate 3
Picture of Pin, Head Mounting Plate C10086215-001-01 Pin, Head Mounting Plate 4
Picture of Head Adjustment Plate C10086216-001 Head Adjustment Plate, Slit Sealer 5
Picture of Spacer 1.75" CSI01354 Spacer 1.75", Slit Sealer 6
Picture of Spacer, 0.5" CSI01355 Spacer, 0.5", Slit Sealer 7
Picture of Transformer Guard CSI01356 Transformer Guard, Slit Sealer 8
Picture of Blade Connector CSI01357 Blade Connector, Slit Sealer 9
Picture of Control Box CSI01359 Control Box, Slit Sealer 10
Picture of Transformer Gap Block CSI01629 Transformer Gap Block, Slit Sealer 11
Picture of Blade, Slit Seal, Short CSI-A10112228-001 Blade, Slit Seal, Short 12
Picture of Control Box Face Plate CSI01358 Control Box Face Plate 13
Picture of Complete Faceplate CSI-ASSY-0000062 Prebuilt Faceplate + Elecs Assy, Slit Sealer, V2 13-18 Complete
Picture of Relay CSI-E-000739 Relay, Solid State Voltage Regulator 14
Picture of Circuit Breaker CSI-E-000740 Circuit Breaker 15
Picture of On/Off Plate CSI-E-000741 On/Off Plate 16
Picture of Switch, Toggle CSI-E-000742 Switch, Toggle 17
Picture of Analog Display CSI-E-000743 Analog Display 18
Picture of Power Cord, 6 feet CSI-E-000652 Power Cord, 6 feet 19
Picture of Transformer CSI-E-000712 Transformer 20
Picture of Cable Strain Relief CSI-E-000713 Cable Strain Relief 21
Picture of Thumb Screw CSI-P-0000244 Thumb Screw 22