Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of Plate, Grease Retainer CSI-A100-004 Plate, Grease Retainer 1
Picture of Adaptor, Clutch CSI-A100-364 Adaptor, Clutch 2
Picture of Adaptor, Spring CSI-A100-419 Adaptor, Spring 3
Picture of Stud, Idler Turret CSI-A100-313-3 Stud, Idler Turret 4
Picture of Seal CSI-A100-507 Seal 5
Picture of Hub, Interchangeable Drive CSI-B100-118-1 Hub, Interchangeable Drive 6
Picture of Cylinder, Clutch CSI-B100-363 Cylinder, Clutch 7
Picture of Bearing, Retainer CSI-B100-015 Bearing, Retainer 8
Picture of Sprocket, Idler CSI-B100-185-1 Sprocket, Idler 9
Picture of Spindle, Headstock CSI-C100-361 Spindle, Headstock 11
Picture of Cap, End CSI-C100-362 Cap, End 12
Picture of Piston, Clutch CSI-C100-403 Piston, Air Clutch 13
Picture of Sprocket, Clutch CSI-C100-404 Sprocket, Clutch 14
Picture of Clutch, Disc CSI-2180 Clutch, Disc 16
Picture of Drum, Clutch CSI-D100-360 Drum, Clutch 17
Picture of Retaining Ring, Internal CSI-P-0000880 Retaining Ring, Internal 23
Picture of Retaining Ring, Internal CSI-P-0000069 Retaining Ring, Internal 25
Picture of Bearing CSI-P-0000875 Bearing 35
Picture of Bearing CSI-P-0000876 Bearing 36
Picture of Bearing CSI-P-0000786 Bearing 37
Picture of Bearing CSI-P-0000877 Bearing 38
Picture of CSI-P-0000260 CSI-P-0000260 Deep Groove Roller Bearing 39
Picture of Chain CSI-P-0000878 Chain 41
Picture of Collet, 2" Square Arbor CSI01698 Collet, 2" Square Arbor 45
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