Head Lift Cylinder Assembly

Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of CSI-P-0000503 CSI-P-0000503 Head Lift Air Cylinder
Picture of 1207-2-050 1207-2-050 Hex Jam Nut, 1/2-20
Picture of 1207-2-125 1207-2-125 Hex Jam Nut, 1-1/4-12
Picture of CSI-P-0000524 CSI-P-0000524 Clear Plastic Flat Washer
Picture of B4180355 B4180355 Mounting Plate, Air Cylinder, Head Lifter
Picture of B4180356 B4180356 Roller Mount Block
Picture of B4180357 B4180357 Roller, Head Lift
Picture of B4180358 B4180358 UHMW Slide
Picture of B4180360 B4180360 Head Lift Spring
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