Mechanical Parts

These are our custom designed and USA manufactured parts used in our machines. Listed are the usual parts purchased to service our machines.

Image Part # Description Item #
Picture of Connecting Link B4180106 Connecting Link
Picture of Pivot Arms B4180130-1250 Pivot Arms
Picture of Shuttle Lift Cylinder Rebuild kit CSI-L10047302 Shuttle Lift Cylinder Rebuild kit
Picture of B4180151A B4180151A Shuttle Drive Frame
Picture of B4180151B B4180151B Shuttle Tension Frame
Picture of Shuttle Arm Stand Off B4180104 Shuttle Arm Stand Off
Picture of B4180313-1 B4180313-1 Shuttle End, Drive Side
Picture of B4180313-3 B4180313-3 Pulley Flange, .125 Thk
Picture of B4180143 B4180143 Shuttle Stud
Picture of Bushing Head Arm Pivot B4180181 Bushing Head Arm Pivot
Picture of Curtain Adjustment Sleeve B4180175 Curtain Adjustment Sleeve
Picture of Curtain Adjustment Shaft B4180173 Curtain Adjustment Shaft
Picture of Curtain holder Tap Stop B4180150 Curtain holder Tap Stop
Picture of Perforation Blade PERFORATION-BLADE Perforation Blade
Picture of Stripper Plate STRIPPER-PLATE Stripper Plate
Picture of Curtain Shaft Connecting Link B4180176 Curtain Shaft Connecting Link
Picture of Pivot Arms B4180403 Pivot Arms
Picture of 1801 Connecting Rod Assembly B4180318 Connecting Rod Assembly
Picture of Slit Sealer CSI-ASSY-0000144 GEC 916 Slit Seal Unit
Picture of Connecting Head Rod B4180136 Connecting Head Rod
Picture of Engagement Stud B4180182 Engagement Stud
Picture of Support Rod, Platen B4180159 Support Rod, Platen
Picture of B4180148-B B4180148-B Shuttle End, Tension Side
Picture of B4180192 B4180192 Adjusting Rod - Platen Insert
Picture of B4180134 B4180134 Trough Adjust Rod
Picture of B4180149 B4180149 Axle Spacer, Shuttle Assy.
Picture of B4180294 B4180294 UHMW, WEAR PAD
Picture of B4180183 B4180183 Turnbuckle Head Connector
Picture of CSI01310 CSI01310 Drive Journal
Picture of CSI01311 CSI01311 Idle Journal
Picture of B4180133 B4180133 Chrome Roll Idler Pulley
Picture of B4180158 B4180158 Main Belt Tensioner Pulley
Picture of B4180146-A B4180146-A Platen Washer
Picture of B4180146-B B4180146-B Platen Special Nut
Picture of B4180146D B4180146D Platen Set Screw
Picture of B4180146-F B4180146-F Platen Pin Adjustment
Picture of B4180238A B4180238A Dancer Crash Base
Picture of B4180238B B4180238B Dancer Stand Off
Picture of CSI-ASSY-0000171 CSI-ASSY-0000171 Head Lift Cylinder Assembly
Picture of B4180355 B4180355 Mounting Plate, Air Cylinder, Head Lifter
Picture of B4180356 B4180356 Roller Mount Block
Picture of B4180357 B4180357 Roller, Head Lift
Picture of B4180358 B4180358 UHMW Slide
Picture of B4180360 B4180360 Head Lift Spring
Picture of B4180114 B4180114 Dancer Cam Plate
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